Time for a RANT! ...and a Game! (NSFW!)

The Universe is full of opposition. Plus and minus, good and evil, coke and 7-up, etc etc etc. The universe is also full of things that are neutral. Because we humans are emotional creatures, we often times attach emotional value to "things", but in reality, they are just things.

Second Life is a "thing". It does things, allows things to happen. It's an enabler, a catalyst. I would say Second Life is like money. When you have either (or both, hopefully), you have "opportunities".

It is said that your "character" is defined by what you do when nobody is looking. Second Life is a HUGE character mill, because essentially, nobody is looking (from the outside that is). So, how do you treat people...and yourself...when nobody is looking?

Griefers are easy to define. Somebody who is unhappy, who goes out of their way, spends time and effort to make sure nobody else is happy. I get that. They are honest about it. I respect that.

What I am having trouble with recently is this. People who pretend to be happy. They pretend to be your friend, or lover, or business partner, etc. They manipulate you to where they want you, then they drop the hammer on you. They ask you to do things that you would not normally do, just for thier own entertainment purposes. Or they literally rob you, whether it be of Lindens, your friends, your business, or something else that you have placed value on.

I understand Roleplay. But in roleplay, all parties involved understand the rules, and have signed onto it. The above, is not roleplay.

I understand the desire to be social. We are social creatures. I honestly believe we are not designed to be alone. But I also do not believe we are designed to be with just ANYBODY. When we decide that anybody is better than nobody, we put ourselves in a vulnerable position. We allow people to manipulate us, or we end up manipulating someone else, because we don't want to be "alone".

What does that say about us? What is it about ourselves, that we do not like? Why can we not stand to be by ourselves?

For me, if I cannot stand to be by myself, why would anybody else want to be with me? It would seem logical that in order for people to want to be around me, I should be someone that someone would WANT to be around? How would being an ass, or a jerk, or just someone who is not pleasant, draw people into my life?

I know there are people who "pretend" to be happy, easy going, and fun. I give them credit for trying, but I feel sad for those who cannot seem to make it true in all parts of thier lives. I wonder how much these people are waiting for someone to "make" them happy.

I do not expect someone to "make" me happy. I "am" happy. I have people that enhance that happiness, every day. I want these people in my life, I let them know how much they mean to me, as often as possible.

I also have people that I wish were happy. I love them, and I pray for them everyday. I pray that they will wake up one day, and realize that its up to "them" to be as happy as they can be. I pray that they will have that "aha" moment, and truly become happy. Some have been there before, and lost it, others, are just looking. I think about these people everyday, to help the universe direct the right energy to them.

I rarely get mad. There are few things in life, that really piss me off. One of these things is, however, when someone treats someone I care about, wrong. I don't know if its my protective nature (I am a Leo) or what....but I get REALLY angry, when someone treats another human being, with such a lack of basic respect, that it makes that you wonder what type of person they really are.

There is something to be said for the anonymity of Second Life that is freeing. I have known, and know, several people that have had VERY positive life changing things happen to them because of Second Life. I also know people, that seem to think that Second Life gives them a license to just be the biggest ass they can, for reasons I cannot understand. It would seem to me, that given the freedom of Second Life to be ANYTHING you want...why would you be something you are not proud of...in any world?

We have the ability to choose the type of person we want to be, in both worlds. Second Life is a perfect opportunity to test out a new outlook, maybe even a new life...to see how it works, before moving these new ideas into the real world. I see soo many people just wasting this fabulous opportunity, it really makes me sad.

The point of all this? Outside of this being a way from me to vent my frustration and anger, I hope that the idea I put forth, will spark something in somebody...to wake up, and really begin to think about what you have gotten yourself into, and at what expense. Is it really worth it?

Ok...rant over.

And now..for a brand new thing I am starting. I have been having SOOOO much fun recently, I want to give a bit back.

But before I do, let me say this. The people that have come into my Second Life, some recently, some not so recent, have been so amazingly nice, and make me laugh so hard, every single day. I cannot thank them enough, for just being them, and for letting me be part of THEIR lives.

So, here is my new little game, or contest if you will.

Its called, Name those Bewbs!

I will post a picture of a pair of bewbs on my blog, and on plurk. I will collect the names of the people who make a guess at the owner of the bewbs in question. At the end of 2 days, the actual owner, will pick a name out of the list of people who submitted a guess, and that person will get a $1,000 linden gift card, or its equivalent, to thier favorite store in SL.

The actual owner of the bewbs will not be revealed, unless the owner gives the ok..:)

So..here is our first official "Name those Bewbs" entry!

(I will give a hint..its NOT who you think it is!)

Now, all official guesses must be email to me at aldwynzanz@gmail.com, no later than 48 hours after this is posted.

One guess per person please, so make it count!

Ok everybody..let the guessing BEGIN!

*fires his starting gun!

Love Thursday!

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get!

The only thing that never changes in life is that there will always be change.

Ok, enough of the “quotes”. Second Life, as in Real Life, is constantly changing whether we like it or not. Sometimes we accept the changes willingly, other times we fight them tooth and nail.

One of the biggest things to change is when people come into, or out of our lives. New people, or even just a change with someone you already know, is very exciting. It opens up that exciting realm of possibilities, and the excitement of a new journey.

It is especially hard though, when someone leaves your life. They leave for all sorts of reasons, some that you never fully understand, but you must accept that it’s for the best. You never want them to go, because they are a part of you, but you cannot force them to stay either. It has to be…something that they want, otherwise…nobody is happy.

I am a big believer that things happen for a reason. I believe the forces of the universe are always at work, and while it’s important to work hard to “make” things happen, there are also things that “just” happen, and in my experience, these “just happenings” are a very good thing.

I have friends, who are of the mindset that their lives are already laid out for them, and really don’t do much to “make” things happen, because it’s already done for them. I also have friends, some very good ones, which seem to say one thing, but do another. I accept this about them, because I love them, but I am not sure I understand it.

I have discovered that people who are not consistent with their words and their deeds, generally speaking are not very happy people. I think it has to do with the internal conflict inside, because they KNOW they are not consistent, but cannot seem to rectify it. I am guessing at this, because I know I am not happy when I cannot walk the walk. Granted things are rarely as simple as black and white, but I do try very hard, to be consistent in my word, and my deed.

Anyway, as stated above, change is inevitable. There have been some changes for me recently, some sad, some fun, some amazingly great! I have had very close friends, who have decided to fade out of my life, and I have had new friends enter, to my extreme benefit.

For the friends that have faded, I love you all, I miss you, and I hope you find all that you are looking for. I hope the universe finds it in their wisdom to bring you back around someday, just as they found the wisdom to bring you into my life in the first place. I will be here, as I always am.

As for the people that have recently been unwittingly added to my universe, welcome! Padded rooms are down the hall, cookies are on the table, and try not to make a mess, it’s hard enough to clean up after myself. Oh, and btw, if you ever need ANYTHING, do not hesitate to ask, you know how to reach me.

This is my Love Thursday contribution, because as hard as change can be, I love it, and would not have it any other way!