You are what you....


As you may have already figured out, I think a lot.   I also observe a lot.   I think about observation a lot.  I observe thinking, not so much unfortunately.

I am a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do.   I have taught classes for years, and I always enjoy that "WOW" moment from kids when you show them something very exciting and new.

I was teaching an Adult class the other day, and I had one of those "WOW" moments from a few of the adults when I did a very simple demonstration.

This was an off the cuff idea, that came from teaching a Womens Selft Defense class last summer.  The demonstration had to do with the power of the mind.

If you have a baby around your house, or you remember it well enough, you will know what I mean when I describe this.

The demonstration I did was how easy it is to change your body with just your mind.    I had one of the smallest girls in class come up to help me.   I stand behind her, and using a bear hug, pick her up.   It was very easy, given that she is a tiny little thing.

Next, I tell her to imagine that she is a concrete block.   Thats it.  Picture it in her mind.   She does, and I TRY to pick her up.   When I say try, I mean TRY!   I cannot do it, no matter how hard I try.

I have the rest of the class try it.  It works EVERY SINGLE TIME!

How does a baby play into this?   Think about it.   When a child WANTS to be picked up, it's pretty easy to pick them up.  If the do NOT want to be picked up, they weigh a ton.  SAME PRINCIPLE!

So, if all it takes to change the density of your body is simply picturing yourself as a block of concrete, imagine what you could do if you focused on, say, other stuff?

Think about it.  And do the test yourself.   I dare you!  :P

Have a wonderful Hump Day everybody!

A Very Special Day!

Today is a very special day in my world.

Today is the day that my first child was born.   Actually at 10:43pm on April 14th my first son was born.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a father.   Having children was never something that we just did, both of my kids were very, and I mean VERY, planned.  But even with all that, it has still been a very interesting journey through this.

I remember the day very well.   My wife and I took all the baby classes, and we were very book smart when it came to the whole process.  We had EVERYTHING planned out, down to making mixed tapes for the hospital room of all my wifes favorite songs.  But as things rarely do, it was not long before our PLAN was out the window.

It was a pretty normal Thursay for us.   I was already home from work, because our due date was passed (by about 2 days I think).  This day was seemingly going to pass by without any activity also.   Then it started.

In all the classes, they talk about how things build up slowly and that you will just know.  Well not for us.   When the contractions started, they started HARD.  After a few of them, I called the hospital to let them know we were on our way.   I got the typical "oh, first time parent overreacting" tone from the nurse, so I listened and then told the wife what she said.   One more big contractions, and we both said "fuck them, we are cominig NOW".   Which is pretty much what I told them when I called them back.

On the way to the hospital, I called all the appropriate friends (we only had my sister in law in the area family wise) to let them know that it was happening.   We got to the hospital, with all our crap, and they casually brought us in, and got us up to the room.   They were moving very slowly, which was very irritating, but I kept my mouth shut.

They FINALLY get wifey on the bed, and the nurse examines her.   "OH!"  she says, "You are already at 3 cm!" and BOOM, the whole demeanor changed.  I really wanted to yell 'THANK YOU! THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SAYING!" but I didn't.   I was holding her hand, and tryng to keep her focused.

So there I am, bent over my wife, talking and breathing with her.   Keep in mind, I am 6'4" tall, so I was bent over in half basically to keep in her face.  After a few more contractions she says to me "honey, stand up, you are gonna pass out".   Evidently my face was not looking good, not realizing that I was having trouble breathing bent over like that.  Fortunatly I did NOT pass out.

So things were moving along, but not quite fast enough for my wife.  There was a woman in our baby class that had her kid after like 2 hours of labor.   So when the 2 hour mark passed, wifey was getting irritated (playfully so mostly, but still).   So it was just us in the room, and we are kidding around when another contraction hits..and HARD.   She is holding my hand, and telling me to go get the nurse, because the meds are wearing off.   I start to move and she says "NO!  Don't leave me!".

Ok, so here I am, I need to go get the nurse, but I cannot leave my wifes side.  "Honey, I will be RIGHT back".  "No! Stay here".   "but you want the nurse!  I cant stay here and get the nurse also."  (don't even start telling me about the call button, it was a stressful moment).   "Yell for her!" she says.  "  I am not gonna yell for the nurse, I will be RIGHT back".  "FINE!" she playfully scorns me as I head out the door.

So as I said, nothing in our plans actually came about.   "Honey, would you like to listen to your music?"  "NO!"  Ok, I am just gonna stand here then.

We finally are at 10cm.   Nurses buzzing about, but no Doctor.   I ask about him. "Oh, he is on his way".  Really?  from where, MARS?  Wife starts wanting to push, but no Dr. yet.   Can she have more pain meds?   Nope, too late now.  WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DR!

FINALLY he arrives.  He swoops in, gets his gown on, gloves etc.   He sits down on his little rolly chair, and rolls up between my wifes legs, and said "ok, are you ready?"  "YES!  You are a little late there buddy, I have been ready for 5 minutes!" (she makes me laugh so hard sometimes).  He laughs and says "ok, lets push".

Three pushes later, and VUUUWOOOMP!   There he is!  9lbs 2 (maybe 3) oz baby boy.  He was a big sucker too!

They check him out, and clean him up, while I keep holding wifeys hand.   She is tired, but doing fine.   They finally brought him over to us, and he was just the UGLIEST little thing in the world (Kidding, I tell him this story though, and I cannot help but say that).   He really was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Funny little side story.   My Sister in law was in the waiting room during this whole process.  The woman in the room next to ours, was screaming bloody murder the entire time through her delivery, and my sister though it was us.   She was in complete panic.   I wandered out after all was said and done, and she jumps all over me about "what the FUCK is going on in there!".   I look at her very confused and say "All is fine, he wasa 9lbs blah blah, and its all good!".  She is completely confused, until the other woman started screaming again, finally realizing it was not her sister that was being cut up into little pieces and fed to a meatgrinder (from the sounds).

Anyway, that day, changed my life.   I finally became what I had wanted to be.   A DAD!

I don't get to tell him this today, because he is on some remote island studying dolphins and octopy and other marine animals, but to my son I say this:  I am SOO proud of you!   Happy 16th Birthday!