A good father never...

Learning opportunities happen every day.   I was at the vet this morning with my dog who had a few seizures of the last couple of days.   As we were checking out, the vet tech was showing me how to split the meds so I could up his dosage a little bit.   It was a neat little trick, and the other dog owner standing nearby made a comment of "well look at that, you learn something new everyday" (he had never seen the little trick either).

That got me thinking about how much we really do learn every day.   I would qualify that by saying if we are open to it, we learn something new every day.  Sometimes we learn something about ourselves, or other people, or just how life in general works.

As a father, I try and help my boys learn every day.  Sometimes that education comes from letting them make mistakes (as long as the mistake is not life threatening).  I have the same philosophy when it comes to my Second Life.

Ever since Alicia and I set up our winter cabin (I love winter cabins), I brought Rocky out so he could play in the snow.  He really does love the snow, almost as much as he loves the beach.  At the end of the day, I always bring him back inside, so he can sleep by the fire and keep warm until we come back, and he can go out and play for a bit again.  Well, that little bugger always seems to find a way OUT of the cabin, because more often than not, when I log in, he is outside rolling around in the snow.   But of course as soon as I log in, he is all whiny about wanting to come back in.

Well, today, I decided he needed to learn a lesson.

Rocky needs to learn that there are consequences to his actions.   If he is gonna break out of the cabin without knowing how to get back in, then he is gonna have to suffer some of those consequences in order to learn that lesson.  It is what a good father does right?

Ok I admit, as much as I want to be a good father, I am also a softy at heart.   How can I resist that face!  I did open the door and let him back in.   MAN!   It is HARD to be a good father!

Oh well.   I do try.

I hope each one of you learned something new today!

It's that time once again...

Good morning fellow grid travelers!

I wanted to share a few things with you this morning since I have a few minutes to spare.

I realized the other night while I was trying to help a new friend with a male makeover that just about all my landmarks for guy stores are no longer valid.  I should clarify though, because it was not I that was actually in charge of the makeover, but since I was the only other guy in our little group it fell to me to point out good guy stores.

When asked, I started to tp around to some of my old haunts like Lookr, Blacklisted and such, only to find out they are gone.   This made me a bit sad, but also gives me a reason to drag Alicia around the grid for a change to rebuild my arsenal of guy stores.

Anyway, as Alicia, Ulaa, Drazala and I popped around the grid the question of good guy hair came up.   Of course the ladies' first thought was TRUTH, but I personally have not really been fond of Truth's guy hair.   It has always been a little too metro for me.

BUT...I also knew he had finally come out with some new guy hair, so we went over to check it out.   After looking at the new stuff, I actually wanted to try on.   So I grabbed a couple of demo's and kept following the pack around the grid for the rest of the evening.

Now last night Alicia and I actually had a bit of nice quiet time together, so we were taking away and going through our recent inventories, which included several demo hair that I had picked up.

Both Rocky and Elle were happy to see us, as we have not been to the cabin in a few days.  Elle even tried to climp up into Alicia's head a time or three.

Even Rocky was falling apart from laughter.   I really think Elle just wanted Alicia to give her a bath, which she did and she was a very happy kitty once again.

Besides...who wouldn't want to be close to this face right?

Sorry, I got a bit distracted there.

Anyway, so the evening was all said and done, I actually found a Truth hair that I like.   I don't change my basic appearance often, but I am not opposed to it at all.   There are some new guy skins coming out later this week also that I am interested in looking at.

Anyway, here is the result of the new hair.

It is a little different for me, but I am liking it so far.

Even though I in no way consider myself a fashion blogger, I have been kinda trained so I will do my best to give you the details of my look.  Alicia will have to add hers in comments if she so desires.

I am wearing:

HAIR - >TRUTH< Eric - night
SKIN -  -Belleza- Jonas SK 6 (hair)
SHIRT - + Blacklisted + This River (UrbanDigi) by TG (no longer available)
JEANS - Zaara : Classic jeans for men *sky*

For those who do not follow me on plurk, I received my Christmas present early this year.   I got a brand new Dell Laptop.  It has made Second Life run SOOOO much better for me, and it will allow me to even run the graphics as anything higher than LOW and still be able to move around.   I am in heaven.

The other thing this means is that I am going to try and find time to do more work on my other two blogs, which have to do with pictures more than anything.   Now that I can do more photography, I am looking forward to playing around with that more.  Stay tuned.

Have a wonderful Thursday everybody.