Life can be.....

...anything you want it to be.

I was having a conversation with an old old RL friend the other night (who found me on facebook, which is a WHOLE different topic), and something came out of my mouth, that I had not planned on saying, but I found very interesting.

We were talking about our lives (have known this person for 20 years, lost touch bout 10 years ago, and his daughter found me on facebook), and how we got to where we are. It dawned on me, that my exactly where I want it to be, for the most part.

How is that possible, I wondered. What I concluded was, that because I always had an "image" of what I wanted my life to be like, and I kept that image in my mind, thinking about it probably daily, that image became my reality.

So I started thinking, is that really "all" it takes? An image..focused on long make it happen? Since I love to delve into things like this, I really starting to examine it...taking it to extremes, which is always an interesting mental journey.

I started to notice (as often happens when you starting thinking about see that "something" everywhere) that all of the "stuff" around least the "man-made" stuff, all had one thing in common. Every single thing, from my car, to the buildings, to my new cell phone, all started as an IDEA.

And that focus, got energy, to make it become a reality. Somebody kept that "image" in their head, and focused energy into it. That focus, turned into action, which then made that item...a reality.

Then, of course, I started to think about Second Life. Just as we can create things in Real Life, Second Life also allows us to build our own stuff, and our own lives.

It does beg the question: How much of our lives, both of them, are actually the product of our own thoughts? And how much of our actions, are determined by our thoughts?

Is the pycho-babble that says, we are what we think...actually true? Is the defining attribute for a happy, or an unhappy life...based on our attitude? And if so, you would think..that having a happy Second Life, would actually be a bit easier, or at least take less energy, than a happy Real Life, given that we can do virtually (pun intended) anything we want in this crazy little world.

I don't know the answer, but it IS an interesting question...isn't it?

Walking on sunshine...

Generally speaking, I am a pretty upbeat guy.

I have a darn good life. Both Real Life and Second Life are very good to me.

There are times however, that I find myself feeling guilty about it. Why should I be so happy when many around me don't seem to be?

I even find myself wondering if I could do something, to help someone I care about, be happier. On occasion, I have even become sad that someone I care about was not as happy as I hope they would be.

But that feeling of helplessness doesn't usually last to long, because I always do what I can to just be a good friend, and if someone I care about asks for help, I am always there.

Funny thing is, whenever I get into one of those moods, I always remember the instructions I get whenever I fly on an airplane. "If the oxygen masks should happen to deploy, always put yours on first, then help the people around you if they need it". me...means the best thing I can do for anybody around me, is take care of myself first. Because if I am not doing well, then how can I help anybody else!

So I always try and take care of me first. It sounds selfish when I say it like that, but to me, it's truly the best way I can help the people that I love in my life.

And when I see people not feeling well, or having a bad day, I don't rub it in that I am having a great day, but I don't let them bring me down either.

I also try not to NOT express how great I am feeling, just because somebody else is NOT having a great day.

They say misery loves company. That maybe so, but I find the best way to destroy misery, is to cancel it out, with happiness!

So, if I see you are not having a great day, don't be surprised if I pounce you, and tickle you, till I see at least a smile!