Hello, my name is Al and...

...I am a Second Life Snob!

It has been so long since I have blogged about anything in Second Life.  Every time I get the urge to blog something, I look back and either find I already have done it, or the subject is already been done to death.

I little while ago Alicia and I were out enjoying an evening together, and something came up that made me think of something that I wanted to blog about.  I have been trying to actually do this post for about 2 weeks but things keep coming up, and I was having trouble doing the pics for it.

So today, I had a day off (kinda).  I didn't get called to sub, and although I had to fix a broken toilet I had the day basically to myself.   So I got Codie on the line and worked through some of my imprudence crashing and picture issues so I was actually able to take the pics I wanted.

So I got the pics done...and now here I am blogging.

The idea that came up was about being a Second Life Snob. I totally am. I recently got a new neighbor in my sim, and it has been very entertaining to watch them set up the land. Knowing that these two avatars were just a few months old, I can forgive to a degree the stuff they put out on the land.

Now, given that I have been around the virtual block a time or 3, I have found that I definitely have my tastes for things.  I know what I think looks good, and tend to buy stuff that is more "modern" in Second Life, meaning good textures and some sculpties.  Whether it is a house, or clothes, or even toys I can see when something is "old", as in, inadequate textures, no sculpties etc. It is just something I see.

So when I got my island, I went house shopping and did find a place that I thought looked really good and fit perfecting on my island.

When you look at the two lots side by side, it is like night and day.  Part of me wants to IM the guy and give him a few pointers.  But, he already has a girl, and has now set up a party place next door to me that you even have to buy a pass to get into.  Obviously he is doing something right? Maybe?

I feel like looking down on his stuff makes me a complete snob.  Granted I joke about it with Alicia, and I wonder how they can see what else is around and not think to themselves "wow, where do I find that cool stuff".  But then again, if they do not put money into this game, or don't want to find work to earn more lindens, why not use what you have or whatever you can find for free or 10Lindens?  And if your woman is still willing to jump on a 2006 heart shaped sex bed with you...does it really matter?

I admit that I have high standards.  But these standards are mine, and I have chosen to live with them.  Granted these standards have gotten me a great little island and house to call my own, and a wonderful woman to spend my inworld time with.

So does that make me snob? Probably.  Do I care?  Not in the least.

Have a wonderful day, even if it is from 2006!
2 Responses
  1. Your picture makes their yard look a lot better than it is.


  2. well, they did change the textures a bit. Not sure how much it actually improves things though. <3