A small shift...

I came to realize a short while ago, that while this blog was originally designed to be a place to talk about all stuff Second Life, that more recently I have been using more for general musings.  I wanted to get this particular blog back to my original intent, so I have made a small change.

I have started a "personal" blog, located over at Al Unplugged 

As I have mentioned in previous entries on this blog, writing has really been a great outlet for me.   I want to do more of it, but I also do not want this particular blog to wander too far away from its original intent.  This blog will still have thoughts, but those thoughts will be specifically about Second Life. 

There is much to discover about Second Life, and my goal is to write about that.   Anything else that I might feel noteworthy, will be over on Al Unplugged

I hope you find at least one of these blogs worthy of your precious time.

I thank you for all the comments I have received so far.   I do appreciate them more than you know.

- Al

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